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Calling LaunchAppAndWait with /clone_wait flag

Hi All,

I am using an Installscript project as a wrapper that runs packages of type basic msi.
First, I run setup.exe of one basic msi project.
Then, If a specific feature of this project was selected by the user, I run anotehr msi package.
(I tried doing it with features prerequisites but seems that there is a bug in ISD 2009 on run from DVD - So I moved to this plan B)

This Plan B works when installing from network,But on installation from DVD, I could see on debug that the installer is not waiting for the first setup.exe to finish and never gets to run the next msi.
I tried using the /clone_wait flag when running the first setup.exe, with no success:
nResult = LaunchAppAndWait("setup.exe", " /clone_wait /V\"/L*v.......", LAAW_OPTION_WAIT | LAAW_OPTION_SET_BATCH_INSTALL);

Any idea why this is NOT WORKING, and still installation does not wait until setup.exe is finished?

Thanks a lot,
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Level 5

Hi all,

I would like to note that part of the documentations for /clone_wait specify that it can only be used for installscript projects,
This is probably why I cannot get it to work on basic msi setup.exe,
although I did not get any error when passing clone_wait to my basic msi setup.exe, as specified in teh previous post of this thread.
I need to run setp.exe and not msi in order to present splashes to the user on install.

Anyone knows a vaild solution for running setup.exe of basic msi from DVD using launchapplication/launchappandwait/doinstall,
Like the /clone_wait flag for setup.exe of installscript projects?
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Level 17

Just an idea: Have you try LAAW_OPTION_WAIT_INCL_CHILD instead of LAAW_OPTION_WAIT?
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