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Call custom actions from merge module


I've made merge module which contains some set of files. This merge module includes custom action, and I would like make it so that custom action is always called when merge module is included into master installer.
For testing purpose I've made simple InstallScript custom action which calls MessageBox, but i cannot get it called.

In forum I found that I should include it to Direct Editor -> ModuleInstallExecuteSequence in merge .ism file. I added new record as:
Action: MyCustomAction
Sequesnce: empty
BaseAction: InstallFiles
After: 1
Conditions: NotInstalled (also tried as Empty)

BUT I've never got my MessageBox appeared during installation.

Could you please advise how to call custom action defined in merge module?

Thank you in advance,

Best Regards, Georgiy
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In Custom Actions and Sequnce view, Sequence -> Installation -> Execute, right click Insert, then select Merge Module Custom Actions in drop listbox of Insert Aciton dialog.
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Thank you for the information,
I would like to define CA execution order in the merge module, that no changes will be needed in wrapper installer. Could you please tell whether it's possible?

In this case 3rd party developers would need to only include merge module without extra adjustments.

Best regards, Georgiy
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I found useful article Q112907 at

which describes very well how to include merge module custom actions.
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