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Flexera beginner

COM extraction to reg file by script or command line


I have questions about automatization of COM extraction:

1) Is it a way to extract COM information to reg file by external script (ie. using ISWiProject object) or by command line of any application provided with InstallShield (or OS)?

I spent a lot of time searching for such solution but unsuccessfully.

2) Is it a way to launch an option: "Extract COM Data for Key File" / "Refresh COM Data for Key File", by script or command line (anyway without GUI).

I thank you in advance for any help.

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Flexera banna_k

Re: COM extraction to reg file by script or command line


Hi @Wittiw,

Installshield provides an utility tool (RegSpyUI) to extract the COM information from the COM binary, more information can be found at the below link :


Apart from that you can develop your own tool or download regspy.exe available in the internet (exe) to capture the registry and export to a reg file. See the below article to capture the registry events through RegOverridePredefKey() 


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Flexera beginner

Re: COM extraction to reg file by script or command line

Hi @banna_k ,

Thank you for your response.

RegSpyUI is well known but as far as I know it doesn't provide command line options to implement automatic solution.

About RegOverridePredefKey(): I have to try to implement this solution in my code. But regspy tool doesn't seem to be reliable: I verified extraction of COM entries in case of a few my libraries, and regspy omitted some entries (Interfaces, TypeLib that were extracted by regsvr32; moreover RegSpyUI dealt with them - all entries extracted correctly).

Therefore I afraid that capturing the registry with RegOverridePredefKey() may not be reliable as well.

I understand that Flexera doesn't provide any reliable tool / API, that allows extracting COM entries to file.

To be honest I look for such feature, since implemented option into InstallShield: 'COM Extract at build' poses many problems (ie. TypeLib entries with static paths). That's why I'm looking for a workaround.

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