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CMDLINE built-in variable contains NOT just the user-defined arguments.

Hi All,

I faced with the problem I mentioned in the title. Accurately we have a several legacy IS projects. The types of these projects is "InstallScript Project". The Install Shield 2016 (and as I saw all the previous versions) reference guide states that the CMDLINE stores only the user-defined command-line arguments and the InstallShield command-line arguments (predefined arguments) are not copied to CMDLINE.

But during the debug I found that the CMDLINE contains two more argument after my "/silent" argument: /silent -IS_temp -IS_OriginalLauncher:""

Now this cause me a several bug because of a string comparsion between the CMDLINE and another string.

I also examined the content of the CMDLINE in the InstallShield 2013. This works fine because the CMDLINE contains only the argument I passed to.

Did anyone faced whit this problem?

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Level 17

This issue has been tracked under the work order #IOJ-1812110 and fixed in InstallShield 2016 SP1.
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Hi hidenori,

Is #IOJ-1812110 issue is fixed on SP1?
On SP1 release notes i didn't see the #IOJ-1812110.

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Hi hidenori,
Is #IOJ-1812110 fixed in InstallShield 2016 SP1?
I didn't see on SP1 release notes. i tried on SP1 and have same issue.

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Although it is not written in the release notes,
looking at InstallShield 2016 Known Issuses updated on April 5,
the following fix seems to be in InstallShield 2016 SP1 23.0.428.0.
HOTFIX: CMDLINE Variable always includes '- IS_temp - IS_OriginalLauncher: ' on InstallShield 2016 SP 1
Https:// SP1

Since "SP1 23.0.406.0" and "SP1 23.0.428.0" are different, we do not want to call the same "SP1", right? . .

Also, if you put it in SP1, you have to update the release notes at the same time, we do not know what to apply. . .

Unless they reconsider the operation method of Hotfix / SP release, it is necessary to patch many times and check installation, so it is a problem.

Please also refer to the following threads.

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Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin

A standalone Hotfix for this issue has been created. That fix and instructions explaining how to apply it are available from this Knowledge Base article.
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