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Biginner's Question: How to detect the intention of Setup.exe

Hi All,

I want to detect whether Setup.exe is being used for first-time-installation, re-installation, un-installation (and/or other modes, if possible). I am using InstallScript MSI project.

Also, what exactly is maintenance mode? Is maintenance mode automatically detected when the application has been installed? Maintenance mode can be used for Repair (installing same version again), Modifying (adding/removing features) and Remove (un-installing), right?

Please, help.

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dandraka wrote:
Maybe this can help you:

InstallShield Developer Tip: Installation and Uninstallation Conditions by Robert Dickau

Hi Dimitris,

The above article talks about Basic MSI projects. I am using InstallScript MSI Project and want to use InstallScript for most of my functionality, MSI will just be used for moving data and component management.

I want a way in InstallScript to identify whether the Installer (Setup.exe) is being run for:
1. First time Installation
2. Maintenance mode - Repair, Modify, Remove
3. Un-installation

Please, help. :confused:

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Level 4

1. Test for MAINTENANCE = false

2. Test for MAINTENANCE = true

3. Check the return value of SdWelcomeMaint() for REMOVEALL
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