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Best approach for multiple releases


I am wondering what the best approach is for multiple releases from one ISM project.

I have a basic MSI project with many InstallScript CA's. I want to be able to build two releases with a different product name from the one ISM project file. Obviously some other things will change as the product grows (such as feature selection, CA execution etc).

I am wondering what is the best way to handle this? Optimally i'd like to end up with two Release directories "Release1" and "Release2" under my product configuration.

Should I use a release flag? "prod1" and "prod2", and just execute the build twice with the relevant release flag?

Should I use Preprocessor Designs and set a property to set the product name?

Should I use a /switch to set the product name?

Any input welcome.
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Re: Best approach for multiple releases

You might want to use two different product configurations in the Releases view for that. The General tab of a product configuration has a Product Name setting that lets you override the product name that is configured in the General Information view. That's probably the easiest way to handle the product name differences. Would that work in your scenario?

Release flags are great for including and excluding any features in each release.
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