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Level 6

Basic MSI silent installations

trying to get a basic msi project setup.exe to run in silent mode.... Example .....

setup.exe /s /v"Propertyone=True" /v"Propertytwo=False" /v"/qb"

If I try to run it like this it just opens the msi installer like normal making me setup through the dialogs. I must be missing a step. I am using the Help Libary in installsheild to show me how to do this "Setup.exe and Update.exe Command-Line Parameters" . Has anyone ever tried to do this? I have a customer who wants to use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to distribute one of my installers. Thought I could have this run in silent mode to be pushed down and just pass in the couple variables I ask for in custom dialogs.

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Level 6

setup.exe /s /hide_progress /v"/qn" /v" var.two=2" /v"/qb/"
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Level 9

setup.exe /s /v"/qn" /v"PROPERTY=PropertyValue" /v"PROPERTYTWO=PropertyTwoValue" /v"INSTALLDIR=\"c:\Where\ever\""

I could be wrong but I do not think you can change private properties(propertis in Upper and Lower case) in the manner!

I forget but i don't even thing you need the multiple "/v":

setup.exe /s /v"/qn" /v"PROPERTY=PropertyValue PROPERTYTWO=PropertyTwoValue"

and you need to quote if spaces in property values:

setup.exe /s /v"/qn" /v"PROPERTY=PropertyValue PROPERTYTWO=\"Property Two Value\""
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