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How to find a setup prerequisite

I am looking for a setup prerequisite and don't know how to find it.
In the "inline" help of the Installshield Studio it states that I should go to Application Data -> Redistributables, then under 'object types to display' choose 'Setup Prerequisites', and then I should select the item in question and right click and click on 'Download selected item...'.
And what if the item in question isn't in the list?? I suppose it should be somewhere on the Flexera Website, but I can't find a location with all prerequisites! Can somebody help me? I look for a Access 2010 runtime as a setup prerequisite.
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Level 9

So your looking for a prerequisite setup of "Access 2010 runtime" I doubt that one is available through Flexera.

However - it is easy to create your own if you have the runtime installer. Just copy the exe to your prerequisites folder, open the Tools->Prereq Editor - browse to the Files to Include and save as "Access 2010 Runtime"

Check out other .prq files or better yet - copy one that is close to what you are installing and modify Conditions and other entries.
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