Basic Installation Needs

Our needs are simple but we can't figure out how to make this happen using InstallShield Express. We want to install our software program along with some templates. We issue frequent updates to the program and don't want the update to overwrite the templates that were installed, only the program files. Here is all we need:

1. One install file that installs new software if it doesn't already exist on the user's system or updates existing software to the latest version if already installed.
2. We don't want the user to have to Uninstall the software before installing the new software when updating.
3. On an update, only replace the program files and not the templates that were installed originally
4. On an update, recognize the location of previously installed version and update that version.

The Update Paths option seems to be the answer but we can't get it to stop Uninstalling everything before Reinstalling the update.

Can anyone help?

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Re: Basic Installation Needs

It is uninstalling then reinstalling because a change in the product code is triggering a Major upgrade. There are a few things you can do to prevent losing your templates.

1. During a major upgrade, make a Custom Action to backup the template files and sequence it before RemoveExistingProducts and then restore them during the new versions install.

2. Keep the product guid the same and only use minor upgrades. This will prevent an uninstall but files may still get replaced if they have changed.

3. Mark components as Permanent and Never Overwrite. With this you can use your major upgrades and the uninstall will leave the marked files behind and the new install wont overwrite them.
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