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Automation interface - component services

Finally getting around to trying to automate updating and building an existing InstallScript MSI project. This is also my first foray into using the automation interface, so please forgive the noobiness. I skimmed the automation interface stuff in help and nothing jumped out, so maybe I missed the obvious.
What I need to automate is the equivalent of going into the Component Services view in the IDE, right-clicking a currently-included complus component and choosing to 'refresh from system', then alter some of the settings back the way they were before the 'refresh', such as the 'runas' account info. This project is the server side of the complus picture. I also have a Basic MSI that has the proxy side of things that I'll want to automate.
Pointers into the doc appreciated, code examples would be absolutely wonderful.

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Level 16

I don't believe that the automation interface exposes the ability. The UI isn't really that good either in that it expects the component service to be configured on the developer machine and then simply select it from the list.

Frankly I never really liked the way that IS handled this and if you search some of my old posts from 2005 you'll see that I found it better to just write my own custom actions to handle all of this.

I haven't had to do this since 2005 though as these days I use all .NET remoting technologies instead of COM.
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