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Level 7

Automatically add newly added files from source folder into Installshield Project

Dear All,

My requirement is as below :

- My project is installshield standard msi project. It has got component under a feature.

- Whenever developers add a project to product a new DLL is added into source folder.

- With current process I manually create a component and add this new DLL into project.

Is there any mechanism in installshield which can create a component per file and only add newly added files from source folder in my installshield project? I tried dynamic file linking, but it fetches all files which is not my requirement.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 6

You could still use the dynamic file links by adding an exclude filter. Its at the bottom of the dynamic file link settings window. Or you could add an include filter of *.dll

I would caution you though that binaries should have their own components and be the key file of those components. Using a dynamic link like this would not follow that rule.
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