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Auto-repair mode failing when user is not an Admin

We have a basic msi install project created with IS 2008 that seems to be having some auto-repair issues when pushed out by the Admin but ran on the machines by non-admins.

For every user that logs onto these machines the install will trigger an auto-repair and then fail because the user is not an Admin. When the Admin logs onto those machines the install and app are fine.

Now there are no entries that are created un the HKCU so I can not see that causing an issue, but there is something that has to be causing the repair mode.

Now I have asked for Event viewer logs, but is there anything else that I should be asking from the users to determine what is causing the auto-repair to occur?

If our installs are set to only run if the user is an admin does this mean that if there is anything that causes a repair mode that it will automatically fail if the users that is logged in is not an admin? If so then how can we get around this issue?

Most of our installs are made to be pushed out over the network and therefore made for admins to install. So if this causes issues for non-admins and repair mode then again I would need to know how we should handle these cases.

Thanks for any insight.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Without knowing what is failing, it's hard to suggest how to fix it. As a guess, I would look for custom actions that require administrative privileges, but are not authored in a way to guarantee receiving them from the implicit elevation in auto-repair (i.e. aren't deferred in system context).

If you can reliably trigger the auto-repair, it should be easy enough to get a log by setting the Windows Installer logging policy in the registry ( Perhaps that will point in the right direction to solve it.
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