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Are MSI Public Properties Persistent?

Continuation from the thread,

In a BASIC MSI project of IS2010, if I use a public MSI property to alter the installation behavior, will the same value of this property be used during the un-install process? In other words, will this value be saved in the MSI table of the local cached package?

I am getting a behavior that seems to indicate that the value is saved and used during the un-install process. Is this by-design? Or should I make provision to store this value myself and recall it during the un-install process?

I am a little skeptical because if I query the value of this property during the un-install process, it is empty! Nonetheless, the correct value is used to set a directory property CA.

Has anyone else come across something similar?
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Level 10

The 'Saving MSI property values to make them available after the initial installation' tip might help you. Check the tips & tricks section here.
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Level 3

Thanks for the tip, Holger_G.

However, I would like to know whether I should rely on the current behavior of persistence for my own custom property that I am using in my installation?

Basically, this custom public property stores the installation scheme selected by the end-user: per-machine, per-user, and some other. (I cannot use ALLUSERS since it has the same value for per-machine and 'some other' scheme). I have also created a folder property which is used as the installation directory for a set of files. Based on the value of the custom public property, this folder property's value is changed to the appropriate folder using a "Set Directory" CA.

My grief is that when I query this custom property during the un-install process, it is empty. However, the folder property's value corresponds to the correct path for the scheme that was selected during the installation process.

This leads me to believe that my custom property's value is stored somewhere on the system for the un-install to be able to uninstall the files from the correct folder.

Does anyone have any idea where this is stored and whether I should rely on this behavior?

(I should mention that if I initialize my custom property, the folder property's value is not set correctly during the un-install process. If I do not initialize it, the folder property's value is set to the path that corresponds to the scheme that was selected during the installation).
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