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Apply compatability settings on install

We are having an issue with one of our products, where when it first runs on Windows 7 64-Bit it gives the following error:

"Windows detected that this program did not run correctly

To try and fix the problem, Windows has applied compatibility settings to this program. Windows will use these settings the next time you run the program."

The program crashes and it works fine after that, my question is if we are able to set these compatibility settings ourselves on install?
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

If this is a product that you own and the code is available, it is highly recommended that the application be modified to work correctly on Windows 7 without requiring application compatibility shims to resolve any runtime issues. Generally speaking, application compatibility shims are provided by Windows to address issues on a customer's end and weren't really intended to be used to resolve issues when a code based change can be made.

Barring any changes to the application to resolve this issue, you may try looking through the following blog to see if any solutions are available that could be applied with an installer:
The App Compat Guy
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