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Level 3

calling a custom action based on registry key.

I have written a custom action to delete the desktop icon on first time installation base on registry key now i have written a custom action to reget that icon during modification based on registry value i am not getting the exact Install Execute Sequence and Install Execute Condition to be given to execute this custom action during modification.
1)this custom action should work only during modification not during installation.
2)at what point registy value is written during modification(after which action)if is related to a feature only in custom setup scrre?
Please if any one can help me!!! i am trying all types of combination but if any one can help me it will speed up the things.

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Level 13

The question should be are you using a system search to determine if your registry key exists? If so what property are you setting?

For Me I would set a System Search for my Registry Key and set a Property like GETDESKTOPICON

Now I would set my custom action condition to:
Installed AND GETDESKTOPICON="true condition" where the true condition is whatever the correct value you expect in that registry key when system search finds it.

Now for the sequence ... are you modifying the MSI table to create the shortcut? If so you should do this before CostFinalize if memory serves me correct, but remember that you do not have values for INSTALLDIR and other things at that time so you have to be creative in solving these problems.
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