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Level 2

Application Shortcut Creation

We need the ability with one of our installs to skip the creation of Application Shortcuts based on a passed in value. For one flavor of our product, Application Shortcuts should not be created. All others they should be.

We want to use the existing install instead of havinf to create a new installation that doed not contain shortcuts just for this purpose.

Is there a way to skip the creation of the shortcuts during the install based on a passed in value?
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Level 6

I would wrap AddFolderIcon with an If condition if you're using InstallScript to create them. That means you don't have InstallShield create them for you using the IDE.
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Level 4

If you are using a basic msi you can create a component with nothing else in it except a shortcut that points to your exe and put a condition on it based on your input.
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Level 4

You can create a new component. Put condition on this component. And the associate this commonent with your shortcut.
The shortcut will be created only if this component is installed.
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