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Another dumb question about Adobe Flash Player MST

Hello everyone,

I’ve tried to read the ‘manual’ but I’m too ignorant with InstallShield. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

I am creating a MST for Flash Player.

The first thing I want to do is run the Uninstall_Flash_Player_32bit.exe. I put this into [INSTALLDIR], and I see it in the CAB file. When I install I see the file copied into [INSTALLDIR]. I made a CustomAction to run this after InstallFiles. I believe this is the correct place? When I run the install it does run the uninstaller then the installer. However if the product is already installed it merely exits and does nothing. How can I change this behavior to run the entire sequence? The conditions I see are only for OS Version and AdminUser.

I've spent 2 days working on the first part before I got it all right I'm embarrassed to say.. with dozens of interruptions of course. 🙂
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Level 6

take this as example:

// On End
// execute AutoRun after UnInstalled or Installed

#include "ifx.h"

#define AUTORUN SRCDIR^"AutoRun.exe"

function OnEnd()

//Launch setup AutoRun after complete setup uninstalling files of MyAppName
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Level 3

Thank you for the reply.
If I understand correctly this would require I use an InstallShield Script instead of a traditional MSI/MST, right?

I'm wondering if anyone is aware of why it would skip my code for an 'upgrade' but would not skip my code for a 'new install' and maybe I could set the correct behaviour in the MST.
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