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Level 2

Annoying popup

As of today I've started to get a popup: "Software Manager", wanting me to purchase a Premier upgrade at a discount (have a Pro license).
This is very annoying, having to click through it many times a day (we build several installations in many configurations, a few times a day, using scripts by running devenv.exe since we rely on dynamic project dependency solving).

Is there any way to get rid of this popup?
Even worse, pressing Cancel gives me (randomly) a crash: "pure virtual call".
I pressed Next (with the intent to abort later), but that led to a Error message (404).

The company are currently scaling up this project big time and not being able to rely on the installations to build reliable in not an option.
If we can't resolve this quick enough, we'll have to make the effort of getting our installations up to speed on a "competitor product", a time consuming task.

(I do have images, but I can't insert them or attach them as files, "upload fail" in both cases, tried png and jpeg).

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

If you open the common software manager and click settings, you can change the updater setting to "Manually", so it will only run if you manually go to tools->check for updates or launch the software manager.
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Level 10

I'm getting the same thing. Can someone from Flexera comment on this?
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