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Level 3

An Error(-5012 : 0x80070005)has occurred while running the setup

Hello Everyone,

I am getting the "An Error(-5012 : 0x80070005)has occurred while running the setup" whenever i am trying to install the setup exe file. but its not stopping the installation...please let me know..where i am going wrong.

Can anyone help me..

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Level 8

Check this.
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Level 2

Setup is developed in Installshield 2011.
At the end of installation, I am trying to remove a folder from temp directory. That folder is created by setup only at start of installation.

When removing the folder below error message occurred.

when I get this error...If I see the folder which I want to delete..All the subfolders and files got deleted and only that empty folder is left out.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

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