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Adding merge module CR115_NET_2005


I've a small window form Project named WindowsApplication1: just a form with a button.
And a ISLE Project to wich I added the WindowsApplication1 main result.

When compiling, ISLE add CR115_NET_2005. Don't know why.
There is a lot of warnigs -7205. The package is built: Express\CD_ROM - 0 error(s), 2283 warning(s)
But when installing, I get error 2709. "No se encontró la información de finalización de unión sin conexión." (spanish)

I use Visual Studio 2012 and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio. But the WindowsApplication1 doesn't have a reference to crystal reports.
I also have installed Crystal Reports XI R2, this could be a problem?

What can I do to fix this issue?
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Hi Damián,

A file or merge module is looking for dependencies that does not exist on your system. If you highlight your selected merge modules in the Redistributable view and click on the Show Detail button next to the minus sign above the view, there is a Dependencies section that tells you what the merge module is trying to pull in. If you do not find any dependency in the merge modules, try turning off .Net Scan at Build setting in your files. They might be trying to pull in files as well,but it is more likely the merge modules.
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