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Adding files to package folder


For an InstallScript project, once InstallShield is done building the installer, when I click on the "Open Release Folder", InstallShield brings me to the folder:

(The Project)\Media\(Release Name)\Package\

There, I find a single Setup.exe, which is what I want.

Now, I want to add some additional files to the Package folder. How do I do that so that when I click "Build", InstallShield would add those files automatically?

When I Google this, I only find the information about adding files using the "Support Files/Billboards" feature. But in that feature, my options are only "Disk1", "Last Disk", and "Other". If I insert files to "Disk1", the files would show up in...

(The Project)\Media\(Release Name)\Disk Images\Disk1

... instead.

What should I do?

- Thank you.
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Re: Adding files to package folder

For me it sounds like you are missing an automatic build tool, of some kind.

One idea, could be to let ISX automatically copy the "setup.exe" to another location, e.g. on a network, using the Events -> Copy to Folder with Distribute After Build set to Yes.

This means, that you bring the "setup.exe" to your other files, instead of bringing the other files to the "setup.exe" ?

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