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Adding Directories in the Files and Folders view...

Hi all,

I have a few observations/questions concerning adding directories to my project. I see that when I add directories, subdirectories, additional components are created.

I add a PlugIns folder and a MyPluginName subfolder in the Files view and AllOtherFiles and AllOtherFiles1 components are created. I then add MainPlugin.dll to the MyPluginName subfolder and the MainPlugin.dll component is created as expected.

I then add another file that is needed to the AllOtherFiles2 component and rename it for clarity.

Post build, I still have the AllOtherFiles component with no files included. Can I go ahead and delete that component? I'm just wondering if its best practice to simply leave this component and possibly rename it for clarity or if it will cause harm to delete it. I would prefere not to have extraneous components, but its not a killer if it should stay.

Any info, help, guidance would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
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Level 6

Not sure if this is helpful but when I first started I also was using the file/olfers view to add. Then realized that this kept adding misc components, etc. So I started using doing this:
- Create feature first.
- Then on the "set-up design" option, select that feature, the add components. This allowed me to properly create my components, within the feature, and control their containers, etc. Then this created the folder and file structure. Doesn't make a lot of sense not to use the folder and file option does it....

Deleting those "stray" components could hurt your package. It depends on what was matched to them. When I first started I would delete them and then find items disappearing....

What I hate is that you can delete/alter items, feature, components, controls, etc and the product keeps fragments of it through-out incorrectly.

I find this product to be buggy and difficult to use. After 10 years, for me anyway, they haven't improved upon that.
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