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Add Registry Keys Only If User Has Administrator Rights, Otherwise Don't

Is there a way to put a condition into the installer so that if the person running the installer does NOT have Admin rights then skip a step? I want to skip making additions to the registry if the user is not logged in as Administrator.

Thank you.
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Level 12

Typically, an installer is run with administrator privileges in order to make most changes on system, e.g., in "Programs Files" and "Windows" folder, as well as "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" registry hive, etc.

Registry changes in Registry table are gated by component. So, you can control installation of specific registry entry by specifying a condition on the component. You can use Privileged property and/or AdminUser property.

Alternatively, you can use a custom action to create registry entry. However, I would not recommend this route, since for every custom action created, there should be a corresponding rollback custom action, a custom action for uninstallation and its corresponding rollback custom action. In this case, using custom actions is a lot of work for a registry entry when there exists a simpler approach.
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