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Add New Element to XML

During install, I'm updating the users machine.config by adding a new element to the section. Each provider element name is

When I try to add my provider, It overwrites the existing providers because they all have the element name of

I'm sure there must be a way to have InstallShield distinguish elements based upon attributes to see that the one I'm adding is new provider.

If there is another method to modify xml that I'm not using with InstallShield, please let me know.

I saw a previous post that addressed this issue but could not find a resolution. I'm sure this is not so hard to figure out but I have been stuck on it for a while and would appreciate some help
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Re: Add New Element to XML

I figured this out.

When I did an import, I imported other elements that had the same element name but different attributes. I looked at the General tab for one of the pre-existing elements and the Element Name isn't just the element name, it is a string with the element name and all the attributes. The format is something like this:

Element name[@AttributeName1="" and @AttributeName2="" etc....]

I named my element like this and entered the values for the attributes in the attributes section and everything works fine.
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