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Access Database, best location for installation

Where should I place an Access Database on a non-networked machine so that:

a) There is no read/write problems irrespective of the type of user you are.

b) All users on the same machine can 'see' the database.

c) The above two conditions work irrespective of which version of Windows you are using.

So far I have tried the AppDataFolder, CommonAppDataFolder and CommonFilesFolder and none of these work. I have also looked at ... ... but that has not helped.

For reference ... I know how to specify a location for the database and how to put a value in the registry to know where it is located, and that is working OK. So far, however, I can only (on my Windows 7 machine) get the database to connect for the user who installs the program. (The program is written in Flash and compiled using Zinc, but I don't think the problem is related to this).

PS: I am using InstallShield 2010 Express rather than 2011 but assume that this forum will cover this.
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MartinPT wrote:
Where should I place an Access Database on a non-networked machine so that...

In case this is of any use to others, I found that the best solution was to place the database in [CommonAppDataFolder] and then to right click on the file:

Select Properties
Select Permissions
Press the INS Key
Leave Domain as [%USERDOMAIN]
Rightclick on User1, Select Modify, then select Everyone from the options.
Click on the Permissions checkboxes (all except Special Permisions)
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