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Level 6

A need for silent uninstall

Installscript project.

I'm trying to do a major upgrade.
I change the GUID and then do a search for the previous GUID and do an
UninstallApplication (see code below).

RegDBGetUninstCmdLine ( Old_GUID, svUninstCmdLine );
svUninstCmdLine = svUninstCmdLine + " /SMS /s";

I want to do this silently but I get the dialogbox that asks

"Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its features?"

I checked and it is not coming from OnUninstall or OnMaintUIBefore.

How do I prevent this dialog from coming up?
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Level 4

I'm having this same issue. Have you been able to figure out a solution?
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Level 6

I carpet bomb everything but I do it in code.

I delete the following:
- shortcuts
- directories that the code was installed in
- registry entries that I created for this installation
- registry entry that contains the inventory for the control panel add/remove
- specific Installshield folder for my GUID under Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information

Scorched earth policy brought to you by brianthegood
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Level 3

The message comes from
nResult = MessageBox( SdLoadString( IFX_MAINTUI_MSG ), MB_YESNO )
in the OnMaintUIBefore

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