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64 bit? Upgrading from ISMP 11.5 to InstallShield 2010 or InstallAnywhere

My team currently has an installer for our Java app, using ISMP 11.5. It's pretty old.

We have recently had a push to run everything about our software in "Native 64-bit", including our installer. We are therefore looking to upgrade to a newer version of InstallShield, or InstallAnywhere, that would support an installer that runs in 64-bit, to "futureproof" our installer.

The existing installer works fine on 64-bit OSes, but it runs as a 32-bit process.

So, I have some questions for the employees / seasoned veterans here:
  • Do the latest versions of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere support running as a native 64-bit application?
  • We have custom beans in our ISMP 11.5 installer. I have read that there is no way for a tool to automatically copy these over. What is the process for manually converting them? Is it different if we were going to IS or IA?
  • We have "sister-applications" that run in C and only on Windows, and they need an MSI installer option, while we (as a Java app) need support for multiple OSes. What's the best bet for both of us to use, so we don't have to manage/support 2 installer tools?

    I'm reasonably certain we have a support licence, but ISMP 115. is going end of life soon, from what I've heard.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.
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    Level 2

    Reading a PDF, I found I'd need to install a plugin to ISMP to generate a Project Manifest file, which can be used to create an IA installer (though no custom code will get carried over).

    The link in the PDF doesnt' work anymore, and any search I've done for the plugin led to nothing. Is the plugin still available?
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