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-4354: The build was unable to extract COM information from the file

Upgrading from an InstallShield 2013LE edition to 2015LE and it breaks COM extraction for the two OCX files I have in my project, MSCAL.OCX and MSCOMDLG32.OCX. (and any other random OCX file I have tested)

I receive the message: -4354: The build was unable to extract COM information from the file...

What I have noticed:

- Upgrading to 2015 breaks the COM extraction in both Visual studio 2013 and 2015.
- Removing 2015 and reinstalling 2013 fixes the problem.
- Starting from scratch with a new project makes no difference.
- I have tried disabling DEP with no result.
- I am running with Administrator permissions.
- Both OCX files will register and unregister without problem using regsvr32.

This is driving me crazy. Anyone have ideas why this would be happening and/or how to fix?

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Level 2

While uninstalling 2015 and reinstalling 2015 did nothing, it finally started working after uninstalling 2015, reinstalling 2013, reinstalling 2015, and then uninstalling 2013.

Very strange.
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