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Notarization of MACOSX Installer Built on Platform other than MAC

Notarization of MACOSX Installer Built on Platform other than MAC

This article discusses how to codesign and notarize an MACOSX installer built on windows or linux platform.

This article outlines the steps necessary to codesign and notarize MACOSX installer.
Generally for any MACOSX installer to run on MACOSX without Gatekeeper quarantining the installer for malwares check, Installer should be codesigned and notarize.
If building installer on MACOSX, then there is a provision to codesign and notarize the installer during build process itself so that final build will be notarized and distribution ready.
In case of building installer other than MACOSX (Ex. Windows or Linux), then the built installer needs to be codesigned and notarized on MACOSX by taking the installer to MAC system manually. Once Notarization is completed then only the installer is distribution ready.

Here are the steps for manually notarize the MACOSX installer built on Windows or Linux:

1. After successfully generating the MACOSX installer on Windows or Linux, copy the installer zip to any temporary directory(Ex. /Desktop/Notarize) on MAC system.
2. Copy MACOSX notarization script from InstallAnywhere install directory to temporary directory(/Desktop/Notarize).
Notarization script is available on below mentioned path:
<USER_INSTALL_DIR>/InstallAnywhere 2022/MacInstallerScript

Note: To notarize any MACOSX installer XCode should be installed on MAC system.
If MAC system has XCode version below 13, then use ""
If MAC system has XCode version 13 and above, then use ""
3. After copying MACOSX installer and notarization script, run the script on terminal as mentioned below.

./ "./<>" "<Certificate Name>" "<Certificate Id>" <Keychain Profile>


./ "./<>" "<Certificate Name>" "<Certificate_Id>" <Apple_Developer_Username> <Apple_Developer_password>

4.After successfully completing the execution of the script MACOSX will be notarized. If any error occurs, then it will be displayed in the terminal otherwise installer will will be successfully notarized.

Note: After notarization, stapling the notarization ticket is optional. Stapling notarization ticket to the installer can be done by executing below mentioned command.
xcrun stapler staple <>

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