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JRE patch enhancement in Java 11.0.20 crashing Installers

JRE patch enhancement in Java 11.0.20 crashing Installers


This article discusses installers getting aborted without any proper message when using Java 17.0.8 or Java 11.0.20.

Symptoms :

When an Installer uses java 17.0.8 or 11.0.20 to execute itself the installer abruptly crashes with below stack trace and message “This Application has Unexpectedly Quit: Invocation of this Java Application has caused an ExceptionInInitializerError. This application will now exit. (LAX)”.


Cause :

A new JRE enhancement patch in Java 11 and Java 17 causes installers to crash due to new restrictions on ZipFS. As part of the fix for JDK-8251329, restrictions were added to the ZipFS provider to throw an exception if opening a ZIP file that contained entries with "." or ".." in its name elements. This behavior change may be problematic in older environments where modification of such ZIP files may be difficult.

Workaround :

In order to overcome this a new system property -Djdk.nio.zipfs.allowDotZipEntry was introduced which will revert ZipFS to long standing behavior. InstallAnywhere already provides a feature called additional arguments which can be used to modify the value of -Djdk.nio.zipfs.allowDotZipEntry system property.

1. Navigate to Project->JVM Settings->Installer Settings

2. Add argument -Djdk.nio.zipfs.allowDotZipEntry=true in Additional arguments TextField.


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There a permanent fix for this or will we always need this java option?

I tried this and it didn't work.

I reported this issue in the early days of Q3, 2023 and got the same suggestions from Premium support.  it worked for me.

If its a Linux then try the option by setting as environment variable.

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