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InstallAnywhere 2022 Public Hotfix A - Project upgraded to InstallAnywhere 2022 from an older version skips a panel in the Pre-Install sequence

InstallAnywhere 2022 Public Hotfix A - Project upgraded to InstallAnywhere 2022 from an older version skips a panel in the Pre-Install sequence


This is the InstallAnywhere Hotfix public hotfix A for an issue where a Project migrated to IA 2022 from IA 2020 skips a panel in the Pre-Install sequence issue.


This Hotfix addresses the following issue:


Project migrated to IA 2022 from IA 2020 is skipping a panel in the Pre-Install sequence



The hotfix is provided through a patch installer for InstallAnywhere 2022 and can be obtained by checking for updates from the InstallAnywhere IDE. You can perform this action by selecting "Tools --> Check For Updates" in the IDE

Note: The patch installer for the Hotfix will only patch one instance of InstallAnywhere at a time. That is, if you have multiple InstallAnywhere versions installed, you can choose to patch only one version/instance at a time. The installer will install the patch for that chosen instance of InstallAnywhere 2022 and exit. To patch another version/instance of the product, please run the installer again.

To verify that the Hotfix was applied, navigate to the :

<IA_HOME>/isus/ productconfig.xml  and check <Attribute name="Public Hotfix">A</Attribute> updated

Or in IA IDE, Help | About InstallAnywhere and check Public Hotfix A is updated.

Below are the direct download links for the Hotfix installers:


MD5 Checksum

Windows (32-bit)


Windows (64-bit)


Apple OS X


Linux (32-bit)


Linux (64-bit)


Additional Information

- Hotfix-A will find installed InstallAnywhere 2022 on system and apply patch on it.

- Hotfix can be installed in console and silent mode using IA2022-Public-Hotfix-A.exe -i console and IA2022-Public-Hotfix-A.exe -i silent. Applicable for Linux and MAC as well

- In case of multiple InstallAnywhere 2022 installation, Choose Instance panel will list all location.

- In case there is no match found for InstallAnywhere 2022 instance, then Choose folder panel provide option to select manually.

- Hotfix patches replace files in IA_HOME, take backup of from IA_HOME and IA_HOME/resources.

- Hotfix does not changes any system configurations, versions or ARP entries.

- Uninstallation of InstallAnywhere will remove hotfix files as well, hotfix can not be uninstalled separately.

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I am facing similar issue, I tried to apply the hotfix as you mentioned in above post. 
This hotfix worked partially for me.
It started showing up few panels, but still not able to see all panels from Pre-Install sequence.

This is happening after migration, same sequence work in InstallAnywhere2020.
Also, I am getting this message in consoleLog "invalid entry size (expected 87092 but got 65536 bytes) " when I am building installer. 

Whom should I contact? 
Thanks in advance.

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