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Creating a VM Pack Using the Create JRE VM Pack Wizard

Creating a VM Pack Using the Create JRE VM Pack Wizard


How to create a JVM pack using InstallAnywhere's Create JRE VM Pack Wizard


This article provides steps on creating JRE VM packs using the built-in wizard for InstallAnywhere.


To create a JRE VM pack within InstallAnywhere:
  1. In the Advanced Designer, on the "Tools" menu, click "Wizards," then click "Create JRE VM Pack."
  2. Click the "Choose" button next to "Choose directory where VM is installed" and browse to the jre directory that contains the VM. This directory must be named jre. If the VM that you want to use is in directory named something other than jre?such as in a directory that is named jre1.6.0_07?you need to copy the entire contents of the directory to a directory named jre and then select that location for the "Choose directory where VM is installed" setting. (Note: It is recommended that you copy of the contents of the directory to a new directory named jre instead of renaming the existing directory.)
  3. Click the "Choose" button next to Choose destination folder and browse to the directory where you want to store the new VM pack.
  4. In the Platform list, select the platform of this new VM pack. (Note: If the platform that you select does not match the platform of the selected JRE/JDK, the files that are used to create the VM pack are not cleaned up correctly, and the destination folder will contain extra files that are not part of the VM pack.)
  5. In the "Choose a name for VM pack" setting, enter a name to uniquely identify the new VM pack.
  6. Click the "Next" button to create the JRE VM pack.
To display the VM pack in the InstallAnywhere IDE:
  1. Close InstallAnywhere.
  2. Copy the .vm file into the resource/installer_vms subdirectory of the InstallAnywhere installation directory.
  3. Open a project in InstallAnywhere.
When you open the Advanced Designer in InstallAnywhere, the added VM pack is now listed in the VM to Bundle with Installer list on the Build Targets tab in the Build Installers view of the Build page.

To use the Create JRE VM Pack Wizard as a standalone tool on a machine where InstallAnywhere is not installed:
  1. Copy the VMPackUtility directory, which is found in the InstallAnywhere installation directory, to the machine on which the JDK/JRE installation is present.
  2. Use the following command line to launch the utility:
    $ > java -jar Utility.jar
The Create JRE VM Pack Wizard opens. Use the wizard to create the JRE VM pack.

Additional Information

To manually create a VM pack, refer to the following article:
Creating a VM Pack for InstallAnywhere

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