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Level 2

silent installation mode facing issue with response file path

-f "c:\tmp test\"      
-f  c:\TMPTES~1\
-f ./

Path containing space not working, also . and ~ are not resolved.
above response file paths not working on both Linux and windows platform.
only  absolute  path works.
all above parameter for response file path should be working



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Level 5

just curios, can you try creating a simple bat file with any simple command in it and try executing with the paths as you mentioned. Are those working?

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all batch file commands work.

C:\>"c:\tmp dir\file.bat"
"hello world"

"hello world"

C:\tmp dir>.\file.bat
"hello world"

C:\tmp dir>file.bat
"hello world"

Contents of bat file:
C:\>type "tmp dir\file.bat"
@echo "hello world"

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