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installation size issue

Hello, Our current installer for our software is using installshield Multiplatform 5.0 sp3 and our linux installation is 158 MB, i have built the same installation in InstallAnywhere 2011 and the size is 437 MB. This is A GREAT size difference and a limitation as i see it in the InstallAnywhere software. I have Manually compressed the installation file using 7zip and i got 129 MB. So in my observation InstallAnywhere does not compress the installation where as ISMP does. Am i missing some feature in InstallAnywhere or is there an option that would help me perform a proper compressed installation.

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Level 20

I'm not sure that IA supports .7z. It also depends on what you install, it's hard to say without seeing your project. Maybe an idea would be to have the resources compressed inside the IA setup.
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