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how to reduce setup.exe size

my setup.exe size is too high. it's around 10 MB. so palned to reduce the setup.exe size, for that compressed the all exe and dll files then included the those exe and dll files into components. Agian builded the project it's giving the same setup.exe size. when extracts the setup.exe files it shows compressed exe size. please anyone can help me for this...
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Your installer it's too big... if you want to mail it, maybe... Personally we have installers that go up to 200 or 300 MB but I've seen people hitting some high limits (of 2 GB I think, the .zip file format limit). Nevertheless, in order to try to reduce the size, please check this thread:
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10 MB is pretty small in my opinion as well. If you are targeting multiple platforms make sure you put rules on the folders or actions that are specific to a certain platform. i.e. Windows files should have a rule to install only on Windows, Linux the same, etc. Then when you optimize your build the size will be as small as it can be.
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1. In the release property, Optimize Size= Yes will help to reduce size.
2. By default Install Shield Update service merge module will be selected. this will increase size. you can uncheck this from redistributables.
3. If you have given self registration for dlls, it will increase size. best way is to give "COM extract at build".
4. You can give MSI engine location as "Copy from source media" instead of "Extract engine from Setup.exe"

Try these...
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