how to quit installation

I want to add action to achieve this function:

When the value of installeranywhere variable is smaller than the value of another installeranywhere variable, then print error info, and exit installation.

which action should I add?
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Workaround 1:

Use a Show Message Dialog and show one button and set the button to "Cancel and Exit".
Then attach a rule to this Show Message Dialog so if the rule is evaluated to true, the Message Dialog will be displayed and at that point, the user only has the choice to cancel and exit.
This work around only works in GUI mode.

Workaround 2:

Go to this link and download the AbortInstallAction plugin:

Once downloaded, open the zip file and you'll find a readme inside with instructions on how to use the plugin. The source code is also inside.

In your project, add the AbortInstallation action located in the plugins tab. Now you can add a rule to this plugin so that if the rule is evaluated to true, the installer will abort. Since this is a custom action plugin, this works in GUI, Console and Silent modes.

I hope this will suffice your requirement.
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Same question, but, how to quit installation with non-zero return code ?

@SunnyBoy @wangnijie860304 : Can you help here.

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