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hi i have an issue with the message dialogs in the custom code rule

let me present you with a scenario wherein i have a rule ,say i have a panel which has five text fields,i want to validate for null values and some other validation like url etc,now my problem is if i enter some wrong value and i leave a field blank,i am able to detect it only when the user clicks on next. And then all the message dialogs like that for null value validation and wrong values(url validation) All appear one after the other,
But i want to display one message dialog at a time and when the user rectifies it,then the next message dialog should be displayed.

Is this possible through installanywhere software or is this is a feature we need to request to macrovision.
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Show a dialog for each of your "null entries" Put a rule on each one.

Panel with 5 entires
Dialog1 if entry 1 is null
Dialog 2 if entry 2 is null
Dialog 3 if entry 3 is null
Dialog 4 if entry 4 is null
Dialog 5 if entry 5 is null.
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