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hi can someone paste the code for writing a sample custom code panel

i am using the install anywhere feature of get user input advanced and i give the choice of text fields but my problem is that the alignment of text fields are not proper.
So the only option left for me is writing a custom code panel.
Can someone post the code for writing a custom code panel wherein
i need five text fields say:
First james:
Second james:
Third james:
Fourth james:
Fifth james:

And after that i need to give a label which gives some message like:

Note:All fields marked as * are required
I want the text fields to be properly aligned so that the text fields appear one below the other.
I saw the sample custom code panel in the installanywhere but getting stuck up somewhere,so need your help.
Any help is appreciated.
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Hi James try this

Create one html file for your requirement and add that file to your pannels using
AddAction->pannel->displayHtml .I think this solves your problem.
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hi kondala rao

i want to create a panel using custom code panel and my problem is if i use the built in feature given by installanywhere i am unable to align the text fields so i want to use swings and do it.
Any sort of help is eagerly awaited.
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Re: hi can someone paste the code for writing a sample custom code panel

You can write your custom panel, or you can try this way instead. This is how I do it because I don't want to write many custom panels...

When you use the Get User Input - Advanced, and Configure Textfield, use the Caption instead of the Label. The only real downside to this is if you have many text fields or you have many File Choosers. In that case, I change the default size of the installer to be a little bigger, or try to break up the prompts.
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How to pass IA Variable to Custom Display HTML Panel

IA variable is not passed to html panel . is there any way to replace in html panel
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