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com.flexera.authenticator did not pass helper check com.flexera.helper

We tried to take build for Catalina with Authentication and code sign while launching application It is starting elevation process and disappears post authentication, we observed following error in console log, what does it mean and how can we fix it. We signed both helper tool and code with same certificate.

smd : com.flexera.authenticator did not pass helper check com.flexera.helper

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Hi @gokulbontha 

For authenticated mac installer you need to build helper tool first before building actual installer.

Please refer InstallAnywhere help document for building helper tool.

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Hi @sksuvarna ,

Yes I have followed the same I build helper tool first and then I have taken build.

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hi @gokulbontha 

when you launch the installer any logs generated under /tmp? something like ia_err**** or ia_out****

if so possible to share that? 

And one more question.. you are building installer on mac itself or building on windows and running it on mac?

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No logs were generated under /tmp folder or /tmp/ia_tmp

I tried both building the installer on windows (IA 2020 licensed) and MAC 10.15.7 (IA 2020 Trail version)

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That is strange. we never observed this before.

Could you please share the steps you followed(beginning to end) so that I can recreate the scenario and verify.

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Hi @sksuvarna ,

Steps :

1) Open new IA 2020 project
2) Update the Mac OS X platform section with following details

a) Authentication - Yes
b) Always show GUI - yes
c) Permissions - 777
d) Code Sign - provide certificate path and keystore password

3) Prepare helper tool

a) Choose Path to the OS X SDK (I have selected MacOXX11.0.sdk from my xcode)
b) Select certificate from my keychain

4) Now take build for Mac OS X section, I have removed other build targets as those are not required for me.
5) Verify the code sign for the build and helper.
6) My installer is ready which doesn't working

NOTE : We are using Apple developer certificate that is generated from xcode application and that is not subscribed for Apple developer program.

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@sksuvarna Did you get a chance to reproduce the issue ?

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