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checkbox Default selection

Hi All,

i would like to know the checkbox default selection depends on the variable check.


i have one radio button and subcomponent is checkbox.if i click radiobutton the checkbox should be checked automatically.

Could anybody help
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Hi could any body help me to work on this iisue
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Looks like it does not work with advance Get User Input.

When you select subcomponent with "Default selection value" to variable, the variable seems expecting "true/false" strings instead of Boolean "1/0", thus it cannot work.

I'll suggest opening issue to flexera...

In your case, as a workaround you may:
From Get User Input advanced:
1/ Create radio button & check shown/hidden checkbox
2/ Create checkbox subcomponent selected by default
Then add new action
3/ Set variable "checkbox" to false if "radio button" is false otherwise it is set to true.

Hope it will help.

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