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Level 2

bundled jre not removed in uninstall

platform: windows 2003 server

I install with bundle jre. And jre has been installed to the \. But jre can not be removed after uninstall. I am not setting "Do not remove bundled VM when uninstalling".

I also find that there is not related info to the bundled jre in .com.zerog.registry.xml file. Why installanywhere forgot to write the info(installed bundle jre) to the xml file:confused:
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Level 5

I had the same problem.
uninstall didn't remove the uninstall directory and the jre directory.
it turned out that some process was still in its shuting act and didn't end completely and thus the jre couldn't be remove.
try to add a custom code that create a delay of some period and than end the uninstallation.
it worked for me
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