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build using IA command line, what is the return value of ERRORLEVEL

Hi all,

I am using a bat file to build my project, call "build.exe myproject.iap_xml".

what is the value of ERRORLEVEL will this command line return?

Or, how can I notice that the build is successful or failed?

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Flexera Alumni

Please see the help topic Build Tools > Exit Codes.
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Level 4

RobertDickau wrote:
Please see the help topic Build Tools > Exit Codes.

thanks Robert,

I have read that help file and try to catch the exit code in a batch file by using ERRORLEVEL.

build.exe myProject.iap_xml

I saw from my command window, the exit code return by IA should be 0 (the last line from IA "EXITING: 0"), but the batch file echo return 4862 for the ERRORLEVEL.

Is there any mistake I took here? thanks.
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