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A problem registering IA 2010


I am trying to register IA 2010. First I tried to do it online but the registration process keeps failing over and over. Then I created a file and sent it to the given address. This was nearly three weeks ago and I haven't got any response since. I sent it again a few days ago but still no reply.

The evaluation period of my copy ends in 3 days. I can't let it go useless as I have my deadline to meet.

Thanks in advance!
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In such a case no one on this forums can help you... unles they work for Flexera Software. I have no idea where you're located, but you should choose the closest location from the one listed here: called them and ask to speak to support (or ask for a direct number, I know for sure they have a 24/24 number, where someone answers the phone and records the case for you. If you can't get anyone to give you the support number all that is left is the support's email (see here:
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Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin


After you enter your serial number, click Register, then click the Save to File button, InstallAnywhere should close. After restarting InstallAnywhere, it should be registered. You do not need to receive any reply from the e-mail you sent, the product should now be registered. Please keep in mind that this is a one user, one machine license. This means that you need to use InstallAnywhere as the same user who registered the product.


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