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Windows 2008 64 bit - RefreshEnvironment Error

I have an installation which I'm running on many platforms, one of which is Windows 2008 64 Bit. The installation completed with 1 non fatal error and this related to a plugin named RefreshEnvironment.

Having a dig around the Macrovision installation directory I notice that this is a Custom Plugin (plugins/refreshenvironment.jar), but I also notice that there is a CustomCode/Samples/RefreshEnvironment directory with java source code and a native directory containing the refresh.dll. The java source references the refresh.dll, but for whatever reason fails on Windows 64 bit.

The nature of the error is below (extracted from the install log) :-

Custom Action: RefreshEnvironment
Status: ERROR
Additional Notes: ERROR - class RefreshEnvironment.install() Unexpected Fatal Error:

The overal effect is benign, in that the installation continues and completes. I did notice that an environment variable (HOME variable for the app) is not automatically set at the end of the installation and this prevents any apps from running in the current environment and that I have to log off and back on to pick up the new setting of the environment variable and then each of the apps all run as expected - I would imagine that this may be related to RefreshEnvironment given the nature of the problem (missing env variable).

Although the effect is benign I must resolve it as it will give our customers the indication that there has been an issue.

Many thanks,

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We ran into the exact same issue lately, on Windows 2008 64-bit. I suspect that the DLL included is a 32-bit DLL, so it doesn't work on 64-bit.

As a work-around for now, we are prompting the user to restart on 64-bit.

Has anybody found more information about this?
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