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Level 7

User Input Window - best way to handle input

I though it would be easy like in InstallShield MP to get some user input e.g. from radio buttons and to use them inside rules.

But maybe I do smth wrong:
I configured a user input panel with a radio button combination with 3 options:

o Fubar
o Tomcat
o JBoss

The value should be stored inside the $FOO$.
When I choose e.g. "Tomcat" the result inside $FOO$ is:


So my questions:
1) Is it possible to get only the value for the choosen option (without any "" and so on)?
2) Is it possible to configure the panel in this way, that a pre-defined value will be used for each option, which is another one than the displayed i18n-string?
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Level 20

Try checking the value of $FOO_1$ IMHO this will contain what you're looking for (i.e. TomCat without the double quotes).
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Level 7

Thx for the answer.
But unfortunality the content depends still on the displayed i18n string 😞

So I use now the "contains" inside rules...
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Level 7

You can also try using the $FOO_BOOLEAN_1$, $FOO_BOOLEAN_2$, $FOO_BOOLEAN_3$ variables. An upside of using this is checking if the value is 1 or 0. A down side to this is if you change the order or your options, the results will change.
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Level 7

Thanks for the info!
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