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Upgrading installation with IA - Urgent help

Hi All,

I need urgent help in finding a workaround for creating a "patch" installation with IA. I was using this useful link:
The problem is that it does not specify the critical importance of having a key file chosen for the component that is used to set REG_COMPONENTS_LOCATIONS value.
Unfortunately, I found out about it only after GA was delivered without key file, And now I cannot get the installdir of the original package during installation of the patch installer. (REG_COMPONENTS_LOCATIONS is always set to NULL)

Does anyone know about another way to detect the value of user_install_dir of the base package that was installed on the machine?

Thanks a lot in advance,
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Maybe you can use IA registry files stored in "Program Files\Zero G Registry\.com...xml" (windows) or "/var/.com.....xml", then parse those files looking for your component unique ID (component id="..") and find the corresponding location ?.
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