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Uninstaller - Windows 7 "Untrusted/Unknown Publisher" warning

Hi there,

Has anyone experienced a warning message which occurs when running your uninstaller on Windows 7/Vista/XP?

The dialog message which is thrown by my windows 7 OS when starting my uninstaller complains about the fact my uninstaller's publisher is unknown or unverified/untrusted.

I am aware of the Microsoft signtool and have already used it to sign my windows installer with a code-signing certificate which my employer's company purchased. This has prevented the installer throwing the same warning message I get for the uninstaller.

So how does one go about signing the uninstaller exe when this file is something that is auto-generated by InstallAnywhere with the 'Create Uninstaller' action/step and packaged within the resulting installer.exe?
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Please post if you figure out how to do this. I just came to the forum to post the same question. Thanks!
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I am interested in an answer to this question too.
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