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Uninstall is not removing all folders on Windows Server 2016

Uninstalling our product on s Windows Server 2016 does not remove the jre or the Uninstall_Product folders. Uninstalling on other window platforms, everything is removed properly. Any reason why product won't fully uninstall on Windows Server 2016.
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I'm also seeing the same Issue in Windows 2016. A java process remains after successfully running the uninstaller. Note that this java process was spawned by the uninstaller, not the application being uninstalled. Something holds a lock on the jre folder (presumable the java process). Once I manually kill the process, I am able to remove the jre folder.

The uninstall logs are reporting a successful removal of the folder, but the jre folder still remains.

Uninstall Folder: C:\Program Files\FOLDER\jre

I'm assuming this is an InstallAnywhere bug.

We are using InstallAnywhere 2017.
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We are not facing any such kind of issues.
It will be helpful if you could elaborate more on any particular settings which you are doing at your end.

Thank you
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Looks to be related to type of user doing the uninstall. Uninstall works fine if user is local admin. If user is a Domain Admin the uninstall leaves files behind.
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make sure no other applications are being used by same jre on your machine.
make sure all the application related services/process are stopped properly in "pre uninstall stage".
since 2016 is recent os one, make sure it is up to date.
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