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Level 6

Uninstall does not uninstall files

Sometimes the uninstall does not really uninstall files. it only does the pre and post install actions..This is very serious
Why does this happen and how to avoid it?
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Level 20

Usually this indicates a global registry (.com.zerog.registry.xml file in Program Files/Zero G Registry folder) corruption. Just delete the file (or move it to another place) and your Uninstall should work again.
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Level 2

Hi all,
I have exactly same problem.

My installer and uninstaller were working like charm, but suddenly I have discovered that my uninstaller does not do "uninstall", only pre-uninstall steps are performed and success message appears.

As suggested by pv7721 I have tried removing C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry\.com.zerog.registry.xml but it did not help, my uninstaller still does not remove the files.

Can someone please help me to explain why it could have suddenly stopped removing of the files?

Where can I get support for this problem?

Can I define my own steps or actions for "uninstall" similarly as "install"?

Waiting for your kind reply. Thank you in advance!
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Level 8


I am also facing similar uninstallation problem. i am upgrading a IS12 project to IS2009. in my case uninstallation will be success only:

-> in second attempt
-> if i uninstall using debug or /verbose mode

* in first attempt only hardcoded uninstallation is working

i am unable to find this hidden file C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry\.com.zerog.registry.xml.. can u tell me how to access this file?
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