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Truncation in the Turkish Locale

I have a problem report of panel truncation when our IA 2010 SP1 installer is run on AIX and the locale is set to Turkish. (English strings are displayed as we don't translate to Turkish.) Screen captures are attached, showing this. On the Turkish locale, lines are spaced further apart than on English. Is this an IA defect or am I simply exceeding a limit on the number of words that can be displayed in this Panel: Get User Input - Simple?
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Level 20

If I'm not mistaken, they've just released the SP1 for IA2010 which fixes a truncation problem. See the RN here:
and the relevant issue here:
IOA-000054039 When a lengthy amount of text was displayed in the Description area of the Install/Uninstall Introduction panel, Choose Install Set panel, or Uninstall Options panel of the installer, the text would be truncated. To resolve this issue, scroll bars are now used on these panels to enable all text to be visible.
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Level 4

I am using IA 2010 SP1 and my panel is a Get User Input - Simple, which is not one of the types mentioned in the text you quoted. Maybe the problem was not fixed in the panel we are using...

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